From March 6 to 9, authorized representatives of the Organizing Committee of the international Municipal BRICS Forum were on a working visit to New Delhi, the Republic of India. The purpose of the trip was business meetings with IMBRICS partners, as well as creating new working contacts.

During the four days of work more than 15 meetings were conducted with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of India, Ambassador of the Russian Federation, Minister of Health and Family Welfare of India, policymakers from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India, Confederation of Indian Industry, Institute of Innovative Solutions, representatives of business communities, the private sector of business and others.

The main issue on the agenda of the meetings was to discuss opportunities for interaction and mutually beneficial cooperation to prepare and implement the II international Municipal BRICS Forum, which will be held on November 5-6 in St. Petersburg as part of the activities of the Russian Federation's representation in the BRICS interstate organization.

The meetings have shown that the forum is of interest to both political leaders and business circles. On the one hand, the ideas to implement the IMBRICS Forum meet the task of strengthening the strategic partnership of the BRICS municipalities through integration and increase in interaction, and on the other hand, they are economically attractive for the inflow of foreign funds to the small and medium-sized cities of BRICS.

As a result of negotiations, an agreement was reached on the full assistance of the state authorities in forming an official delegation from the Republic of India which will consist of government officials, municipal representatives, high-profile politicians, public opinion leaders and prominent representatives of scientific communities. Commercial circles will also form a delegation to bring together representatives of the largest business communities, economic associations, the private sector of business and investment to participate in the sections of the IMBRICS Forum dedicated to the presentation of economic investment projects of the BRICS municipalities. According to preliminary estimates, the number of delegates from India will be more than 200 people.

To centralize the activities aimed at gathering participants and forming delegations of the IMBRICS Forum 2020, the forum's Organizing Committee will sign agreements on the official representation of IMBRICS with one or more legal entities in Brazil, China, India, and South Africa. Official representatives will gather participants by informing and presenting the International Municipal Forum to them.

In particular, agreements on the transfer of the right of IMBRICS representation were reached with the President of the BRICS International Forum, Ms Purnima Anand. Currently, the parties are at the stage of signing agreements, after which, the team of Ms Anand will begin to form a delegation in India. Similar negotiations are underway with a major Indian investment company, details of which have not yet been disclosed under a confidentiality agreement.

It is worth adding that official representation agreements will also be signed with Brazil and the Republic of South Africa within a month.

Information about official representatives will be published on the official website of the project –


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