On March 30, an international municipal conference was held on the topic "CORONAVIRUS PREVENTION IN THE BRICS MUNICIPALITIES".

The conference was held within the framework of the Project of International Municipal BRICS Cooperation in the format of a teleconference. The conference was attended by representatives of municipalities in Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa, political leaders, scientific and public experts. The conference has attracted the attention of a large audience; around 9 thousand people watched the broadcast live on Facebook and Instagram.

The conference agenda was aimed at discussing key issues related to the ability of municipalities to influence the development of the situation with coronavirus within their authority, discussing best practices to combat the spread of infection in the BRICS countries, and developing recommendations for the work of BRICS municipalities aimed at preventing mass infections.

The rate at which the epidemic develops is approximately the same in all countries, so it is extremely important to take into account the experience of colleagues and adopt successful practices in fighting the virus, along with the construction of hospitals and the need to increase the control that arises as the situation develops. The conference participants shared how successful were the measures introduced in their countries to counteract coronavirus.

Russia is actively working to reduce the risk of infection for older people and to ease the burden on medical institutions. Brazil and India were able to quickly introduce compulsory isolation. Colleagues from China recognized the need for continuous and mass testing of the population for SARS-CoV-2 during the isolation, as well as the forced placement in the quarantine of persons who came into contact with coronavirus patients, thanks to which the country was able to bring the epidemic under control. The Republic of South Africa is facing a very acute problem of lack of test kits and the opportunities for its delivery.

At the end of the conference, the parties agreed on the need to rely on the experience of foreign partners in the fight against coronavirus at the municipal level. It was decided to develop recommendations to the municipal authorities to prevent an increase in the infection spread. The participants expressed their hope for successful overcoming of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic by joint efforts of countries around the world, as well as for continuing joint work within the framework of the Project of International Municipal BRICS Cooperation.


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